Czech company D-TOX Praha s.r.o. with companies TONIKS s.r.o. and Ing. Vodička Jaroslav has successefuly passed in February 2005 homologation tests for off-road vehicles UAZ SIMBIR (3160, 3162-long) and UAZ HUNTER (31519, 3153 - long) which comply with EU standards. Homologation of the model UAZ PATRIOT (3163) is done in year 2006. We mount the engines with EURO-3 standard into mentioned models. There are two modifications of turbodiesels, 2.5 litre ANDORIA from Poland and 2.9 litre VM MOTORI from Italy. All vehicles are thoroughly checked before mounting new engines.

At the moment there are 7 service stations for UAZ vehicles in the Czech republic, we intend to increase this number up to 25 in the near future.

Delivery time is about 35 days starting from the concluding the contract. If the required model is on the stock we deliver it within 2 days.

In the case of importing the vehicle to EU countries or third countries we can provide the EUR 1 certificate (certificate of origin is used for consignments of goods originating from and made in the European Union).

If you are interested in vehicles with EURO-2 engines, we can offer several modifications.