A new model of UAZ-3153 car manufactured on the undercarriage of the UAZ-31514 car, but as a distinct from this car the base of the UAZ-3153 is extended to 2,760mm and a bigger 98HP power engine has been installed. The controlled fuel consumption is reduced, increased carrying capacity and space (up to 9 person).

The UAZ-3153 passenger- utility car has got a 4-door body, hardtop, tailgate and cover of the luggage compartment that are substantially enlarged. The car destination is carrying passen-gers and goods on all types of roads and to all destinations.

Equipment installed:

  • Improved ventilation and heating systems;
  • Safety belts for the all seats (except of the rumble seat);
  • Field container;
  • Tilted sunroof;
  • Adjusted soft seat with taken away head restrain;
  • Plastic padding on the dashboard, front fenders, floor braces, side panels and cooler covering;
  • A new front guards;
  • Headlamps with hydro-adjuster;
  • Radial tires;
  • Field sound depressing mat etc.


Technical drawings