For more comfortable driving on all types of roads as well off roads, we are offering a new car with metal roofing and enhanced cabin standard (adjusted seats, soft upholstery for passengers, decorative finish, 'ELMO' front drive coupling, front guards and others, are standard equipment.)

You can choose a car with the front spring or leaf spring suspension, with standard or wheel reducer axle- so-called 'military'. There are modifications with sunroof, radio/cassette, having different degree of comfort (including 'super- lux' 31519-080) for every demand.

The car is provided in one of the following engines:

Carburetor type manufactured by the Uljanowsk Engine Plant of 92HP horsepower (cubic capacity 2.44 liter, installed to the 31514 Model and its modifications);

So called '3-liter' (9-100HP horsepower, carburetor, cubic capacity 2.89liter, in-stalled to all UAZ-31519 variants) also manufactured at Uljanowsk Engine Plant;

Fuel efficient gas engine manufactured by Iwanowsk 'RIAT' S.A., installed to UAZ-1514-028 (DWS 210.10 model, rated horsepower 91HP, cubic capacity 2.445liter, max. 18.2 ktsm (? -p.t³.), smaller (5.2 liter) fuel consumption.



Technical drawings